Concealing and Revealing: An Idea Store in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia

The Idea Store conceals its true nature in the context of recognizable program. It is at once a library, gallery, auditorium, café, lounge, and classroom—but each space subverts traditional intentions and reveals a new conceptualization and reenergized use of program.

Library: likely to be boisterous and full of the charged exchange of thought provoking information. There is no reason to be quiet here.

Galleries: where not only the works hanging on the wall, but you yourself, are on display.
Auditorium: an intimate, interactive theatrical space where the audience is likely to become part of the show.
Classroom: the students here are encouraged to take the role of teacher. We all have something to learn and we can simultaneously be teach and be taught.

The Idea Store conceals its subverted program inside of a traditional, mixed-use program. For those who walk through its doors, the opacity of the known program becomes transparent and a new world of overlapping ideas is revealed.

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