Adapting Industrial: A contemporary Arts Center in Elberton, Georgia

Elberton, Georgia has long been the home of monumental grade granite. The vein that runs through town is among the best in the country. In order to communicate with the public, raise awareness and provide an educational experience, the Elberton Granite Association opened a museum full of tools, displays and granite artifacts. The museum has been the public interface for Elberton granite since its opening.

As technology has changed and material sciences have entered the 21st century, so has the conceptual idea of a museum. The Elberton Granite Association is now in the position to reinvent their museum as well as the way that they communicate with the public. In doing so, they can participate in the current dialogue of what it means to be a museum. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to establish Elberton as a new cultural center for Northeast Georgia.

Currently, the Elberton Granite Museum is a traditional display of dusty artifacts housed in an industrial warehouse shell. This proposal seeks to turn the warehouse itself into a new scaffolding based on the process of granite quarrying. The building will not only be an intriguing icon for Elberton Granite, it will also provide a space for contemporary artists to create and exhibit work that can interact with a unique shell.

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