Responding to Urban Pressures: Mixed Use Housing in the 4th Ward, Atlanta, Georgia

Housing is in some ways the most complicated building type, demanding both strict functionality as well as the more phenomenological issue of creating “liveable” spaces. As the place that most people return to on a daily basis and spend the majority of their time, it requires flewibility for future use while addressing the needs of the occupant today.

Atlanta’s 4th Ward has all the intricate workings of a complex neighborhood: portions have fallen into disrepair while others remain essential to the grain of the neighborhood. The different scales of building in the community, from single family homes to large apartment complexes, establishes a rhythm that should not be overlooked. To insert a new building into this already rich mix requires thoughtful engagement with the existing context as well as the newly proposed development.

Increasing the overall density in this community will begin to reclaim its importance in the contemporary Atlanta housing market. Well-positioned to take advantage of the Peachtree economic corridor as well as public transportation, housing can both react to and help shape the future of this community.

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