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I spent 48 hours in Milwaukee visiting my parents last weekend. It is still winter there. The political climate is even chillier. I don’t pretend to understand the far-reaching implications of budget cuts and labor unions or politics in general. When talk turns political, my shoulders tighten and my eyes glaze over – these conversations ...

14 hours: milwaukee -> atlanta

One photo per hour every hour taken during the recent drive from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Atlanta, Georgia — no editing, no planning, no cheating. I know this isn’t the safest idea, but with point and shoot technology being what it is I think it was safer than talking on a cell phone.

oriental movie theatre

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If you ever happen to find yourself in Milwaukee on a Saturday night in January, with a freezing cold wind whipping its way through leafless trees and along the salt-crusted streets, there is no place better to spend a couple hours than the oriental movie theatre, particularly if you are fortunate enough to catch the ...

more buildings that look like other things

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Milwaukee is full of weird and awesome things: the half-buried car on Humboldt, the Calatrava wing of the art museum, the spy themed Safehouse bar downtown, the Alterra coffeeshop in the old lakefront pumping station, my parents… Certainly not to be overlooked is the Edmund B. Gustorf House, typically and more simply called, the Boat ...